Super Mario Bros the Movie: here is a full extract from the movie to make fans salivate

by mohatiti, Friday, 9 December 2022 (2 months ago)
Super Mario Bros the Movie: here is a full extract from the movie to make fans salivate

The Game Awards were a chance to display video game trailers abound, but it was without banking also on the movie business which made an excursion there with Super Mario Bros, the Movie: a tiny excerpt from the long-winded -Footage has been presented, which you can explore below.

A frankly promising adaptation

There is no doubting it, the Super Mario Bros movie is likely to make a lot of noise. The first two trailers very clearly shook the World wide web and there is a good chance that the media giant wave will continue as the marketing campaign progresses: it is, therefore, logical that Playstation went to see Geoff Keighley (or perhaps the ‘inverse, we don’t even really know) to demonstrate her baby there within the Game Awards 2022.

We are therefore obligated to a real extract from the film, which you can find above. As the trailers predicted, the technique turns out to be really impressive and promises a graphically very, very ambitious work. And above all, the recurring nods to online games announce an adventure that is extremely respectful of the original source.

An authentic film

The excerpt shows it excellently: Super Mario Bros. the Film seems to have fully understood how to use video game mechanics to incorporate them into a scripted universe. We thus find everything and anything that makes up Nintendo apps: the iconic green pipes, the coins, the mythical castle of Fat Princess, the yellow and moving platforms, and other components that take on a very special meaning here.

Would we be facing the best acclimation of a video game to the cinema? It is still too early to give a relevant judgment, but the public seems in any case frankly confident about the end outcome. To appreciate it, you will have to go to the movie theater on March 29, 2023. It’s very soon.

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