free download 41+ best blogger themes for AdSense approval r

by mohatiti, Friday, 26 May 2023 (2 weeks ago)
free download 41+ best blogger themes for AdSense approval r

Searching for the finest blogger theme for AdSense approval?

No Worries, Your Blogging Buddy is Here

We all know that today Google Adsense is highly stringent about authorizing AdSense accounts on a blog or website.


To achieve Google Adsense approval, the user interface of your site truly counts. Your site should be SEO-friendly. Only then Adsense accept your application to serve advertisements on your website.

And, for that, you need the greatest AdSense-friendly and SEO Friendly blogger template.


I am here to fix your issue. I am going to tell you 39+ Best SEO-friendly blogger themes. those are actually the greatest blogger template for AdSense acceptance.

I have discovered these templates after extremely long study. So, without much further ado, let’s get started:

What exactly are SEO Friendly Blogger Templates?

The finest blog themes imply which is responsive in nature and, the template is readily available to people or search engines. This sort of template assists you in receiving AdSense approval extremely quickly and, it decreases the loading pace of your site.

Which helps you instantly in the ranking of your site on Google.

You may also edit these SEO-friendly blogger templates according to the demand of your website like:

  • Like deleting the footer
  • Menu bar optimization
  • Widgets customizations
  • and many more by accessing  EDIT HTML.

Top 41+ SEO-friendly blogger templates for Free That nobody will tell you

below are the best free blogger theme for Adsense approval.


1. NewCon Blogger Template

Newcon is a simple and well-organized Responsive Blogger Template for MAGAZINE, BLOG, and News sites. It is totally responsive, retina ready, and has many strong features.

They heavily concentrated on the content and readability since they’re clearly crucial for all website owners, and, of course, the theme is extremely optimized for better SEO results, and high-speed assured.

2. CB Theme: Seo Friendly Blogger Template

CB theme is a pretty intriguing free SEO-friendly blogger template. With this Blogger template, you can simply edit your website according to your demand and, you will not have any issue in modification this template. It is also a totally SEO-friendly blogger template of the blogger. For once view the live demo. For sure, you adore it.

Some great aspects of CB themes:

  • best blogger theme for Adsense acceptance
  • SEO-friendly blogger template
  • SEO-ready blogger templates
  • free premium blogger template SEO friendly
  • best free blogger themes for Adsense

Live Demo/Download

3. Smart SEO: SEO Friendly Blogger Template

  • FULLY Frameless Blogger Template
  • Fully SEO-Optimized Template
  • Adsense Friendly Blogger Template best blogger theme for AdSense approval
  • This Blogger template is primarily built for SEO. And, its extremely excellent for SEO.
  • If you run a website that offers your own experience or any tale then, this is excellent for you. So, try this once.

Live Demo/Download

4. Phantom: Best SEO Blogger Template

The phantom blogger template is primarily made for folks who operate a tech blog or website. So, if you are operating a blog or website relating to tech then, utilize this template.


This will enhance your site ranking and also, aid in minimizing your website load time. Specially developed for tech blogs and webpages.

Following are the important features of this blogger template:-

  • best SEO-friendly theme for blogger
  • Adsense responsive blogger template free
  • Free SEO templates for blogger

Live Demo | Download 


5. Simple grid

Live Demo | Download 

This template is mainly made for those who utilized more photographs on their blog or website. This helps in compressing image size which immediately decreases the page load time.

This will produce a grid of all your newest entries on the site. The basic grid is a very nice template in terms of SEO and Adsense clearance.

  • SEO friendly blogger theme
  • free blogger templates for Adsense
  • blogging SEO theme

6. palki 2 blogger template

Live Demo | Download

  • Responsive Blogger Template
  • SEO Optimized Free Blogger Template
  • AdSense Friendly Template for Blogger

This is one of the greatest free SEO friendly blogger templates that I suggest to everyone. This template is outstanding in its design. The Premium edition of Palki 2 is also available with added features.

If you can’t purchase the Palki2 premium version then, the free version of this template is equally fantastic with loads of features. This template is entirely responsive and SEO optimized.

Any information you post on your website with this template will rank rapidly as compared to other themes.

Also, you may receive Google Adsense approval extremely rapidly. If you don’t know what is Google AdSense and How does it function then, go here to read.

7. Digizena: AdSense Friendly Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download 


Digizena is the greatest blogger template for those individuals who are very much interested about blogging.

Who are not here to earn money through blogging. They simply enjoyed writing stuff.

If you are such sort of person, then this template is great for you. If you are merely here to express your opinions or experiences then choose this design, it would assist you in boosting up the views for your site. This is really beneficial mainly for devoted bloggers, who liked writing.

  • SEO optimized blogger templates
  • free blogger template ads ready
  • ads ready blogger templates

8. Smooth Grid

Live Demo | Download

This template is highly good for fashion bloggers because of its interface to users. The interface of this site is quite nice and, it has the capacity to draw readers to your blog.

It will offer you J-curve in your ranking and views.

An amazing blogger template for fashion or lifestyle blogs. Have a look at it.

9. Sora Ribbon

Live Demo | Download

  • Best responsive mobile friendly blogger template
  • Best responsive blogger template
  • AdSense ready blogger templates

Sora Ribbon Blogger Template is a basic, minimal, responsive and easy to use Blogger Theme that ideally suitable for blogs that give news on Technology, Fashion, Sports, Video, Healthy, Travel, etc.

MythemeShop Affiliate Program

Also excellent for blog themes like an event, niche, authority, where to, food, recipe, cooking, educational institution, college, medical, wellness, etc.





10. Seo Boost: Best Seo Friendly Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download

Seo Boost Blogger Template is a basic Blogspot theme, that helps you establish a fully working simple blog in little more than a minute.

Make your material seem faultless with this custom created theme and cleanest typography. This template is highly versatile, simple for changing, and well optimized, suited for any theme like News Blog and professional usage.

This theme is great for Lifestyle, Fashion, Games, Food, Blog, Health, Sports, Travel Technology, Business, or Entertainment websites.

11. SEO Hub: Best Blogger Template For Adsense Approval

Live Demo | Download


SeoHub Fast Loading Blogger Template is the most SEO optimized blogger template to the present date, the template contains plenty of unique features and completely optimized codes to perform excellent in different search engines.

You may use this template for practically any sort of site however it is most ideal for niche blogs, tech, news, blog, magazine, daily blogs, food blogs, authority, and excellent for event blogs.






12. Sora Front: Blogger Template For Adsense Approval

Live Demo | Download

Sora Front Minimal Blogger Template layout could serve as a multi-purpose, HTML5 and CSS3 Blogger subject.

It is 2 column format based on the BlogSpot topic. The subject is a 100% responsive layout that makes it consistent with a broad selection of gadgets and screen resolutions.

Sora Front is easy to personalize with its expanding cluster of different and uncomplicated options that are quite simple to obtain it.

13. Publisher: Seo Friendly Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download

Publisher Simple Blogger Template style is exceptionally tuned for speed and execution to deliver the ideal client experience. It’s appropriate for various specializations that involve breaking news, daily newspaper, congressional concerns, don, gambling, innovation, vacation, and much more.

Following are some features of this blogger template:

  • Seo optimized website template
  • Search engine friendly website templates
  • Best free theme for blogger

14. Sora One: Best Blogger Templates For Adsense

Live Demo | Download

Sora One Blogger Template is a feature-full and ideal blogging blogger theme. This template is quite versatile, simple for changing and well optimized, approaches for any theme like News Blog and professional usage.

This theme is great for Lifestyle, Fashion, Games, Food, Blog, Health, Sports, Travel Technology, Business or Entertainment websites.s.

15. Simpleon Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download

Simpleon blogger template is a clean and fast loading theme suited for a site that contains viral content. As it is said, “Simpler is better” This blogger template works on it perfectly. Designed by Themeindie.

  • Seo friendly template
  • Best free responsive blogger template


16. NewsPro Free Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download

NewsPro Blogger Template is a magazine-type SEO-ready blogger template with numerous sorts of content-based featured post widgets. it is a sophisticated blogger template with loads of built-in functions. this template is mostly focused on news blogs but also may be used for tech, review, movie, howTo, sports, specialty, power, schools, institutions, etc.


17. Sora Ads Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download

Sora Ads Blogger Template particularly created for blogging with ads monetization and developed by sora. Blue, Personal Pages, Email Signup Widget Ready, Breadcrumb Navigation Ready, 3 Columns, 2 Sidebars, Left and Right Sidebars, Magazine, Ads Prepared, Technology, White, Clear, Minimalist, Seo Ready, Magazine, Free Premium service, Post Thumbnails, Responsive, Social Bookmark Ready, Slide Down Menu.

18. Gridster Adsense Friendly Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download

Gridster is a free Blogger template with two columns, a responsive design, SEO friendly, right-sidebar, gallery-styled, streamlined, an exclusive development for Blogger, ads ready, bookmarking icons, posts thumbnails, breadcrumbs, pagination, related posts assistance, well designed threaded feedback and neutral colors.

19. Magone News Responsive Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download


Sora News Blogger Templates is a blogger template powerful theme with numerous cutting-edge capabilities and a look that’s going to create a lasting influence. excellent for style blogs, lifestyle blogs, travel blogs, meals blogs, craft, tech, creative, photos, and so on.

  • Magazine blogger template
  • SEO Friendly blogger template
  • Adsense friendly blogger template

20. Masy Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download

Masy Blogger Template is an extremely professional and premium looking free blogger theme. Loaded with loads of functionality and handy widgets, it helps you build somthing spectacular out of nothing. You can simply make gorgeous looking magazine layouts in no time.


21. Blackster Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download

Blackster Blogger Template is a nice looking fully modified blogging blogger theme.

This free Blogspot template is beautifully optimized and fully equipped. Loaded with different widgets and features, this theme provides you a chance to build something remarkable with its completely flexible layout, you can design a fluid blog that will suit any screen size or device kind.

Best made for blogs like fashion, cosmetics, travel, OOTD, daily blogging, public influencers, fashion, clothing, beauty blogging, reviews, etc.


22. Seo Mag Adsense Friendly Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download

Seo Mag Blogger Template is a professionally designed and well-built niche blogger theme, Made with newest trends and high-quality coding with fast loading design and flexible layout, it fits across all sizes with ease and looks stunning on any aspect ratios or device.

This theme may be used to develop any mini specialty website, such news, tech, travel, blogging, newest trends, events, food, Fashion, Sports, Video, Healthy, etc.


23. Fastest Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download

Fastest Blogger Template is an ideal fast loading blogger theme that loads in no time.

It is a really differently styled Blogspot template keeping blogger’s official widget intact it lets you to construct an impressively responsive blog that flawlessly suits any screen size or device.

Since it requires minimal loading time, this theme is great for smartphones, which allows you a chance to attract mobile consumers.

24. Responso Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download

Responso Blogger Template is a nice and very basic micro-blogging blogger theme which is especially suited for a niche website.

It is highly distinctive attractive and simple to adjust blogger theme, excellent for targetted blogs.

This Blogspot template is extremely completely responsive as well as super-fast loading and one of the finest SEO optimized Blogspot themes which is accessible on our website.


25. Amia Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download

Amia Blogger Template is an extraordinary and beautifully created theme for the Blogspot platform.

This free blogger template is developed using blogger’s new generation codes and it supports some extremely distinctive yet basic features at the same time.

This blogger theme appears extremely basic and elegant and has a trendy design that may look excellent with any sort of blog.

26. Affiliation Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download

Affiliation Blogger Template is an awesome looking and distinctively constructed blogging blogger theme, it has a really seldom yet user-friendly design.

Crafted with perfection and constructed on the blogger’s newest generation code structure it features highly intuitive design and aspects.

27. Blog Coupon Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download

Blog discount Blogger Template is specifically designed and exclusively developed for discount offering blogs.

Loaded with brilliantly designed functionality and features, it allows you the option to construct the most ideal and spectacular blog for offering coupon codes, bargains, and offers.

28. Ampere Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download

Ampere Blogger Template is an ultra-fast loading theme featuring highly google SEO optimized scripts and incredibly basic style. This amp blogger theme

includes a unique yet eye-catching layout with customizable header graphics and widgets.


29. FlatBlog Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download

Flatblog is a futuristic great magazine blogger template that is AdSense compatible and SEO friendly. It will assist you to design outstanding looking layouts in little time with minimal coding experience and superior talents.

This is a pitch-perfect theme with a superb responsive ability that seems premium.

30. Elegantes Free Blogger Template

It is a fully modified blogging blogger theme with up to date style and capabilities. This premium blogger theme contains a full magazine layout with multiple content based featured post widgets choices,

That helps you design fantastic looking commercial layouts, where you can organize your blog post according to categories.


Live Demo | Download

31. Jupiter Blogger Template

It is a totally responsive and personalized appearing distinctively designed blogging blogger theme. This theme has a highly eye-catching and beautiful design, that offers your site an ideal expert style and feel.

Live Demo | Download


32. CleanMagazine Blogger Template

It is a pure clean looking basic magazine blogging blogger theme. That is a latest-generation template with to obsolete blogger foundation.

Live Demo | Download

33. FB NewsRoom Blogger Template

FB News room is and SEO friendly blogger template with a custom designed theme with outstanding features and maximum functionality. This theme offers a very clean and attractive look with top of the line functionality.

Live Demo | Download

34. Smag Blogger Template

Seo Friendly and AdSense friendly blogger template that’s 100% free with fantastic customization possibilities.

Live Demo | Download


35. Minimo Free Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download

36. Plate SEO Friendly Blogger Template

It is an impressively designed and professionally created blogging blogger theme, mainly developed for food specialty sites. Built with fantastic capabilities, this sort of theme is a wonderful option for recipes blogs and a unique recipe post type that has a broad functionality to help you build a post that looks spellbinding!

Live Demo | Download

37. Alva Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download

38. Sora Times Blogger Template

With its responsive design and variable aspect ratio, it can modify its huge size according to any screen width and platform type of the user, whether he/ she is using desktop computers, computer, tablet or smartphone, it will seem lovely on any device.

Live Demo | Download


39. Newsline Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download

40. Hooly Responsive Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download

41. Simple SEO Blogger Template

Live Demo | Download


FAQs For Seo Friendly Blogger Templates

Below presented are commonly asked concerns and solutions relating to SEO compatible blogger templates.

Q1. Which template is ideal for Blogger?

If we speak regarding the best template for bloggers then it relies on your site demand. Above I have given lots of free blogger Adsense and SEO friendly templates. Depending on your website’s needs choose accordingly.

Q2. How do I personalize my Blogger template?

You may alter your blogger themes using the layout option available in the blogger dashboard. Also, you may alter it from the edit HTML option if are familiar with coding.

Q3. How can I delete credits from the Blogger template?

  • First, open
  • Now log in to your Blogger and open your blog.
  • Go to Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML.
  • Now identify the credit/footrer link in the footer that you need to delete. Now You’ll find looking like Copyright, design, etc.
  • Then add what follows line with the initial copyright ID.

Q4. How can I modify my HTML template on blogger?

1. The sign in to Blogger.
2. Select the blog to make changes.
3. On the left the menu, click Themes.
4. Under “Live your life on Blog,” click Edit HTML.
5. be the shifts you want.
6. Select preserve theme.


So, Above I have shared 25+ Best SEO Friendly blogger templates that are free.

These templates are 100% AdSense friendly bloggers templates which will help you in getting AdSense approval fast.

If you liked the collection of these AdSense friendly and SEO friendly blogger templates then please, do share it on your social media platforms.

If you have any issues or questions are welcome to ask me in the comment area.

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