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Samsung’s next top smartwatch is rumored to be the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, a wearable expected to greatly elevate the company’s ecosystem in preparation for Apple’s own upcoming rugged watch. That’s right, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is most likely a more durable and robust smartwatch that would be tough enough to get bumped around but live to tell the tale.
We’ve been hearing lots of things about this device, with some rumors pointing out to the unfortunate demise of the oh-so-useful rotating bezel of the watch that usually allows for easier interaction with the interface, especially if its sometimes difficult for the wearer to use the touch screen. Still, we remain hopeful that the functionality won’t be getting axed fully and we’d still get some sort of physical bezel interaction in the next top Samsung galaxy smart watch.
The pricing of the watch is expected to start at around $349, though we suspect that it could be priced a bit higher, at around $399. The smartwatch will be officially announced on August 10, alongside the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 foldable.

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Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Specs

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Design, Models & Sizes

We’ve already got a pretty good idea of ​​what the Watch 5 Pro could look like thanks to the trove of leaked images that have surfaced so far. These corroborate all the previous rumors we had heard and confirm that the Watch 5 Pro will definitely look line unlike any previous Samsung Galaxy smartwatch, with a more ruggedized and “solid” design in tow. What’s more, and alas, it would seem that the rotating bezel is most certainly history as none of the leaked renders sport such a hardware feature.

However, the bezel of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is raised a bit, and some rumors point out that it could feature a capacitive layer that could potentially emulate the rotating bezel functionality, somewhat similar to what the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 had a few years ago. As a reminder, that one was a lightweight smartwatch intended for athletes that skipped the rotating bezel, but still allowed the wearer to slide their finger across the bezel and interact with the interface.

The raised bezel of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro could also potentially protect the display from accidental scratches and bumps. The scratch resistance of the screen could be further enhanced by the suggested sapphire screen that could make it really scratch-resistant. Aside from that, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is also supposedly coming with a titanium case, which should ensure for its lightweight footprint.

Yet, don’t expect the watch to be compact or anything like that – it could be a rather thick unit, thanks to the extremely large battery inside. A trade-off that many are probably willing to take given the not-so-awesome battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 family.

There will supposedly be just one size version of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: a 45mm one, though we certainly expect the watch to come in Wi-Fi + LTE and Wi-Fi-only variations for you to choose from. The full color spectrum of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro line has also leaked multiple times. We currently expect the watch to be available in Titanium Gray and Black.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Software & Features

We expect that the watch will arrive with the latest One UI Watch 4.5 operating system, quite the mouthful. Some of the currently known new features that will be available on both the upcoming Galaxy watches and some of the previous wearables include a new full typing experience on screen, which includes a new full QWERTY keyboard with Swipe that allows users to type in addition to dictating and handwriting.

Also, One UI Watch4.5 offers the option to switch between the two input methods on the fly, so you can start dictating a message then change to the keyboard to continue your message.

You will also be able to choose a preferred phone SIM card to be used with the watch (only applicable on dual-SIM phones).

There’s also tons of customization and watch face personalization in the new update, which is always great to see. The Watch 5 Pro hasn’t been rumored to score a major new biometric feature aside from a few rumors claiming that a thermometer could be thrown in the mix to further expand the capabilities of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, but those rumors are questionable.

Given that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is shaping up to be a rugged outdoor-sy type of a wearable, it’s only safe to assume that there could be some dedicated trekking and hiking features, as well as enhanced GPS connectivity.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Battery and Charging

One of the true main selling points of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro could be its larger battery. And by larger, we mean much, much larger. In fact, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro could easily become the modern smartwatch with the largest battery we’ve seen so far. Rumors claim a capacity larger than 500mAh, with some rumors pointing out to a humbling 572mAh battery.

That’s a much larger battery than the one fitted on the largest smartwatch of the previous generation, the 46mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, which only had a measly in comparison 361mAh battery.

This great difference could only hint at the two- or three-day battery life of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which is certainly inspiring!

On the topic of charging, rumors put a 10W charging capability within the Watch 5 Pro, which could ensure a 45% charge in around half an hour and possibly a full one in around an hour, which is decently fast!

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Competitors

Given its supposed new-found penchant for rugged adventures, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro elevates itself above the traditional selection of wearables.

Its most fierce rival could be the rumored AppleWatch Series 8, which is also expected to come in a rugged version and withstand more severe wear and tear itself.

Another lineup of possible competitors are Garmin’s semi-smart rugged watches of the Fenix ​​family, which offer an extremely wide selection of activity tracking, have sapphire screens, tough cases, battery life in the weeks, and even solar charge aid that comes in helpful during outdoor hikes.

And if we look past smartwatches, Casio’s G-Shock Mudmaster series might come in as an unorthodox alternative to consider.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Summary and final verdict

So far, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is shaping up to be quite the promising successor to the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. From what we see, Samsung is trying to mate a dress watch with a rugged activity tracker that sounds like a pretty interesting combination to have. With its large battery, it could finally solve one of the main issues with true smartwatches: their often uninspiring battery life.

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