5 intense documentaries like The Most Hated Man on the Internet on Netflix

Netflix has a stellar 2022 repository of crime documentaries such as The Tinder Swindler, Cyber ​​Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror, The Photographer- Murder in Pinamar and more. Add to that, its latest release, The Most Hated Man on the Internet.

The Most Hated Man on the Internet streamed on Netflix on July 27, 2022, and it has been making rounds since then due to its controversial nature.

The three-part docuseries is about a man named Hunter Moore, a self-proclaimed ‘life-ruiner’. In 2011, Moore set up a website called Is Anyone Up, where people could post obscene pictures of others without their consent, only to take revenge or get a kick out of it. Hunter enjoyed wrecking people’s lives and referred to it as “revenge porn.”

Charlotte and Kayla Laws (image via Netflix)

The scariest part of the most hated man on the internet wasn’t Hunter Moore in my opinion, it was the thousands and thousands of followers who have such a strong hatred for women they’ve never even met #TheMostHatedManOnTheInternet

The Most Hated Man on the Internet is an intense watch, as it talks about the dark side of the world wide web and tells how crime has evolved with technology. If you’re wondering how to watch more such intriguing documentaries on Netflix, here are some recommendations for you.

Con-men, serial killers and dangers of the internet, only on Netflix

1) Tinder Swindler, 2022

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The Tinder Swindler revolves around an Israeli man called Simon Leviev who cons women for money. He meets women on Tinder (hence the title), and takes them on luxurious first dates to five-star hotels on private jets. Gradually, when they are convinced of his wealth and affluence, he traps them only to leave them with nothing.

The 2-hour long documentary released in February 2022 and is available for streaming on Netflix.

2) Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes2019

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Based on the life of the notorious American serial-killer Ted Bundy, this Netflix documentary breaks down the psyche of its subject marvelously.

Theodore Bundy was a charming and intelligent man born in Vermont in 1946. Bundy, while growing up, showed sadistic signs that hinted at his potential to become a serial killer. He had a juvenile record for petty thefts which was later on dismissed.

His earliest confirmed victim was recorded in 1974.

Bundy had a pattern of preying on young, attractive college girls. He would trick these young women into helping him and then charm his way into gaining their trust. As soon as the victim made way towards his car, Bundy wasted no time in immobilizing them.

Ted Bundy, during his lifetime, was suspected of assaulting and murdering at least 30 women in California. His four-hour long documentary on Netflix is ​​made up of present-day interviews, archived footage, and audio recordings.

3) The Social Dilemma, 2020

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As the name suggests, The Social Dilemma is a Netflix documentary about the power of manipulation that the present-day tech giants hold. Made by Jeff Orlowski, the documentary aims to educate people on the exploitative facets of social media.

After watching this film, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that your phone knows you better than anyone. It hauntingly narrates how our phones are used to keep an eye on us. We are constantly surveilled as the algorithms keep track of our likes and dislikes. The film contains interviews with ex-employees of tech companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

“if you’re not paying for the product, then you are the product.”#thesocialdilemma

Overall, the film exposes how the world’s greatest minds work tirelessly to keep you scrolling through your feed mindlessly.

4) Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer, 2019

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Ranked Netflix’s top 5 most-watched documentaries upon its release, Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer, deals with the unprecedented nature of the internet.

The three-part docuseries is about a twisted killer named Luka Magnotta. Born Eric Clinton Kirk Newman in Toronto in 1982, Magnotta apparently had a disturbing childhood. Magnotta started engaging in criminal activities quite early on in his life. In 2010, Magnotta started posting videos of him killing his cats. But after he murdered Jun Lin, a 34-year-old Chinese man, and posted a video online showing him torturing his corpse, things got much worse.

Based on the true story of Luka Magnotta, Don’t F**k with Cats is a disturbing yet enthralling watch.

5) The Great Hack, 2019

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The Great Hack emphasizes the importance of one of the world’s most valuable assets: data. The film brings forward the personal experiences of people involved in the infamous Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

The film chronicles the scandal and digs deep into what technology can do. It explores how social media has become a hotbed for experimentation and how users consume the trends and ideas that are put out for them.

Ex-vice president of Cambridge Analytica leave EU campaign fixer & Trump campaign fixer.Glad he was at least got for contempt of court if not the illegality of data farming & its manipulations during BOTH campaignsWatch the THE GREAT HACK & learn..#Thegreathack #Britneykaiser https://t.co/qePOnE3MER

The documentary is available for streaming only on Netflix.


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