20 Sites for You to Sell & Promote My ebook

by mohatiti, Thursday, 1 June 2023 (4 months ago)
20 Sites for You to Sell & Promote My ebook

If you’re an expert in a given subject, then there is no harm in sharing your knowledge to make money. And in today’s internet-prone society, one wonderful method to do so is to write and sell an ebook.

All you need is to make sure you manufacture excellent stuff and then think of a suitable selling price for it. The former portion is fully up to you, but, for the later half, there are numerous internet services that may aid you well.

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of 20 websites that may help you host and sell your ebook, along with managing the problematic transaction procedure. Some even let you retain 90-100% of the sales price. So, let’s have a look.


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Payhip is an e-commerce service that permits you to sell any sort of downloaded digital content, including ebooks. You establish a personalized sales page on Payhip for free and it offers you the tools to sell your goods, such as discount coupons, sharing buttons, affiliate program and variable price choices. Payhip will simply retain 5% of all the sales you make — easy right?

Amazon Kindle Direct Publish

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You may easily publish your ebooks on the largest online retailer Amazon for free. Of course, you will gain a great exposure on Amazon and you get to retain up to 70% of the entire sales price.


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Blurb provides you reliable tools to produce that ideal ebook. You may create reflowable ebook or locked layout ebooks and buzz will instantly format the book for your in your selected format. You may sell the books to numerous markets, including Blurb, Amazon, and Apple iBooks Store.


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Lulu gives a complete tutorial on writing precisely formatted ebooks and then convert them into EPUB or PDF format. If you can’t do it yourself, then Lulu also provides personal service of completing it for you for a modest cost. Your ebooks can be offered on numerous publishers with each giving their own royalties.


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Tradebit is quite similar to Payhip since it lets you construct a sales page and then helps you sell your ebooks (or any other downloaded stuff). You may utilize an affiliate scheme, establish custom pricing, take advantage of social media integration and sell ebooks on major marketplaces such as eBay.

NOOK Press

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Barnes & Noble provides this self-publishing facility to write & publish your ebook. NOOK Press gives all the tools for free to produce and publish your ebooks. The created ebook will be released to millions of NOOK and Barnes & Noble users. You may check NOOK Publishing FAQ page for all the information.

Kobo Writing Life

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A really easy to use self-publishing tool, Kobo allows you publish your ebook in 5 simple steps. Your novels will be published on Kobo website for thousands of readers. Kobo charges no price for generating and publishing ebooks, but it does maintain a percentage on the sales.


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Smashwords provides you significant publicity by publishing your work via several distributors, including Kobo Barnes & Noble, OverDrive, and Smashwords. There is no price in the publication process and you receive free tools to safeguard and format your ebooks. You will get 80% royalties for sales through Smashwords and 60% on additional partners.


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Scribd is a paid reading service that provides ebooks and other comparable material that users may access with a subscription. When the readers will read your ebook, you would be compensated how it was sold to them. Yet, you may only join up for Scribd utilizing its associate firms, including Smashwords, BookBaby, and Draft2Digital, etc.


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PayLoads also offers great solutions to host your ebooks and sell them online. You will get encrypted downloading page, sharing buttons, ebooks featured in eBay auctions and affiliate program. PayLoads charges $19.95/month with a 2.9% to 4.9% commission on each sale.


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Another comprehensive platform to host you ebooks and it handles all the hard work of selling them for you. You may construct a sales page for your ebooks and utilize power features like multiple methods support, affiliate programs, secure storage, discounted offers, manage supplies, create bundles, Google Analytics and more. E-Junkie charges set monthly payment based on your demands.


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Feiyr is a paid marketing service for ebooks or songs. You may submit your ebook to Feiyr and it will be made accessible to be sold on over 165 different online retailers. Just pay a one-time cost of € 9.90 and start publication, and you will get to retain 90% of the sales price.


Selz provides highly customizable solutions to construct your own sales store and sell things. With the free account, you can list 5 goods and use resources like widgets, fraud prevention, and analytics tools, etc. Paid membership beginning from $12.99 offers the option to sell limitless things and customize the page according to your preferences.


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A very flexible system to create an online shop, Gumroad enables you design your business to your desire and provides you amazing selling options. You can create subscriptions, memberships, direct sales, offer additional advantages, provide discounts on activities, customized DRM and more. And all of this comes with a $10 monthly charge and only 3.5% cost on each sale.


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Booktango is a free service that won’t even charge a fee on transactions. You can upload and sell ebooks and keep 100% of the earnings. Although if you use their custom covers, you’ll have to pay a certain price. Booktango sells the ebooks on its store and other retailers.


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Clickbank is a really strong affiliate network of 500 thousand people marketers that will undoubtedly enhance your sales. It is also a products sales website like others and allows you the opportunity to create customized forms, memberships, fraud protection and much more. You may either retain 50% as royalty or pay $49.95 as a one-time cost for your shop and pay 7.5% fee on transactions.


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BookBaby is quite a costly service on our list, but, it delivers outstanding quality and lets you retain 100% of the revenue. From writing, formatting, and designing to distributing and finishing sales, everything will be handled by BookBaby for a charge of $149/ebook. Their professionals will work together by side to develop your ideal ebook utilizing innovative technologies and then distribute it too numerous retailers including BookBaby directly.


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For $29/month you may use all of Shopify tools to develop a fully working online shop. We don’t require any coding abilities, it is incredibly simple to use and provides you templates and themes to rapidly construct a fantastic online business. If you do have coding expertise, then Shopify allows total flexibility to customize HTML and CSS. It also offers multiple ways to advertise your ebooks, including spreading them across other retailers.

Time to monetize your ebooks

I will encourage you to start with Payhip if you are new to selling ebooks. It costs less fee on an exchange and does not come with any hazards. Although, if you are a professional book seller, then BookBaby can really enhance your game.

I should also highlight that all these ebook selling sites give DRM protection for your books and some can even put customer name/information on each page of the ebook.

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